Cyber Smart Pacific Campaign - 2023

cyber up

SamCERT celebrates October International Cyber Security Awareness Month with the Cyber Smart Pacific campaign. Focused on providing simple yet impactful actions for the everyday user, the campaign aims to encourage all to step up their digital safety and security so they are less vulnerable to the effects of cyber attacks.

Awareness raising is important year round. Cyber Smart Pacific is designed as an evergreen campaign with materials that can be used year round to support improved cyber awareness and digital safety. Join the campaign and help to Cyber UP! the Pacific. 

Let’s all Cyber Up for a Cyber Smart Pacific.

Just like in the ocean, you can encounter unknowns in the online environment. So let’s reduce the risk – cyber up with these four simple steps to help be secure online.

So, step up your digital safety and security by taking these four steps:

  • Upsize your passwords – to be long, strong and hard to crack.
  • Upgrade to two-factor authentication – to give your online accounts double protection.
  • Update your apps and devices – To keep bugs and viruses out 
  • Uphold your privacy – to keep your personal information secure

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